A smart messenger that's powering ...
Boost Networking with the Power of AI
Allow your guests and community-members to interact 70% more efficiently with new people, using AI powered notifications.
Visible to Everyone at Location
Increase visibility with our beautifully designed, big screen, public message-board. Best placed in a mingling area or reception.
Powerful Community Management
Manage your temporary or permanent community with our social dashboard like a pro. Manage content, members, locations and much more...
Top meetups and communities
Elena's Jubilee
1 members
Odessa Entertainment
1 members
ISEF community
0 members
יזמים בג'ינס
13 members
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
6 members
כנס יזמות עסקית חברתית נתניה
16 members
1 members
Clean Code Alliance
22 members
תור המדבר
2 members
Selected Businesses Around
75 members
Tel-Aviv Smart City
76 members
78 members
מפגשי נטוורקינג ויין
104 members
6 members
The Nest - בית ליזמים צעירים
10 members
Quali Tech Talks
8 members
297 members
Dreamcatcher Community
0 members
Music & Tech Meetups
0 members
Simple, beautiful and useful
With HeyPlace your community-members and visitors can see who is hanging out at the same location at the moment, making it easy to reach-out, chat and meet. It's maximizing the value of the community for everyone.
HeyPlace is social, local, and contextual - it forms a real-world network that's based on interests, offering a list of relevant people and content to maximize opportunities.
HeyPlace improves the way we communicate with new people at events and places. Our AI powered platform creates a personalized and relevant experience based on choices and interactions.
With HeyPlace it's very easy to connect with a private message, or participate in a public chat. HeyPlace offers many ways to communicate and share, including a one-click link sharing on Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.
We are excited to get in touch

We work hard to create a better mingling experience, and unleash the true value of people sharing one location. We do that using the power of great mobile experience, second screens and machine-learning. Please tell us about any ideas, feedback, or partnerships you have in mind:)

Drop us an email any time at: contact@hey.place

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